The vision for Failaka Heritage Village and the Palace of Sheikh Abdullah Al Salam, a previous ruler of Kuwait commenced in 2002 under the auspices of the then Emir of Kuwait H.H. Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah. The above task was further initiated by Masharee Al Khair Establishment a Kuwait charity, who placed the following message on the wall of the reception building.
Our heritage was the greatest achievement of our ancestors, and our fathers kept it for us, we implant this heritage in the minds of our children, our heritage is a river full of light which we take continuously to guide us to the good, to the prosperity in the future.
We owe a lot to our great heritage, which was the reason for what we have accomplished and achieved.
Since 2001, "Masharee Al Khair Charity" has restored and renovated the palace of the late Emir "Sheikh Abdulla Al Salem Al Sabah which symbolized a great meaning. His Highness "Sheikh Jaber`s" noble guidance and support mobilized us and reinforced our will to restore and renovate this great building.
His financial and moral support was a magnificent motive to keep the heritage area with all its contents and its environmental surroundings.So we have restored and renovated the whole area, just to keep the heritage of our ancestors and fathers, to reflect His Highnesses wish to give the new generation an idea of this great heritage, and from its revenue, the charity is funding

Projects for example:
    Free scholarships to students.        
    Financial support to schools
    Purchasing medical equipment for hospitals.        
    Construction and renovation of mosques
    Paying medical expenses of patients.           
"Hoping God to write these historic deeds, and to join the trust of His Highness our Emir, and our decent people".